10 Shy Television Characters

Ten of my favorite shy or socially-awkward characters on TV

10 of my favorite shy TV characters

Can you name them? Of course you can.

{knoM, jaR, mossirG, eolhC, ffilC, ydnaR, yelkraB, yeliaB, naJ, radaR}

Update:  I see that this post gets quite a few views from visitors. Please, feel free to comment on it and make your own suggestions for your favorite socially awkward characters. C’mon, don’t be shy….


13 Things People Think You Are Instead of SHY

13 things that people might think you are instead of shy:

  • Stuck up
  • Angry
  • Boring
  • Tired
  • Calm (!?)
  • Busy
  • Gay
  • In a hurry
  • That you don’t like them
  • Out of their league
  • Ultra-religious
  • Unathletic
  • A potential serial killer

Off the top of my head, these are the ones I’ve experienced. I’m sure you shy people have other things you could add.

Shyness is such a embarrassment for me that there have been times that I preferred being thought of as one of those things on the list (but not all!), instead of shy — so that other people’s misconceptions about me actually work as a defense* mechanism for me.

* That’s defence for you Brits, Aussies, etc, out there.

The Stairway To Alpha

Here are my 40 steps to becoming an Alpha Male – and transform myself from a shy bookish omega to a man that women want to be with. This a distillation of the advice, plans, and techniques that I have read and heard of, regarding what I have to accomplish in order to attract quality feminine companionship (usually defined as getting laid on a regular basis).

  1. Cure (not manage: cure) my mood disorders.
  2. Eliminate all my insecurities.
  3. Become able to interact with people on a basic level without a recurrence of #’s 1 or 2.
  4. Learn how to smile.
  5. Stop being an introvert and become an extravert.
  6. Join Toastmasters and pretend to like it.
  7. Become self-confident.
  8. Stop consuming porn.
  9. Lose virginity.
  10. Find just the right haircut for my hair and my head. Repeat.
  11. Invent a way to transplant the DNA of people who tan easily and smoothly into a naturally fair-skinned, freckly and mole-ly redhead like me.
  12. Save up $85,000 for height surgery.
  13. Purchase an alpha-male wardrobe (expensively faded jeans, designer print t-shirts, fuzzy hat, e.g.).
  14. Exchange my glasses for contacts or laser surgery.
  15. Stop being nice to attractive women, be a jerk.
  16. Memorize the basic principles of Game.
  17. Learn and practice the techniques of Game, until they are internalized.
  18. Watch Fight Club.
  19. Lose weight and develop big muscles.
  20. Develop alpha-male body language.
  21. Learn martial arts.
  22. Get tattoos.
  23. Watch The Matrix.
  24. Learn to play guitar.
  25. Stop being interested in astronomy, history books, obscure movies, Australian Rules Football, wargames, Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  26. Learn how to surf, snowboard, ride a motorcycle, bungee-jump, and skydive.
  27. Start several businesses.
  28. Consider moving to a major urban center (except Detroit or Portland).
  29. Purchase a smart phone and get used to it.
  30. Watch Fight Club and The Matrix.
  31. Purchase lots of condoms.
  32. Go to bars regularly.
  33. Go to parties regularly.
  34. Go to coffee shops regularly.
  35. Watch Fight Club.
  36. Take ballroom dance classes.
  37. Get on Facebook.
  38. Travel.
  39. Die.
  40. Watch Fight Club.

Or, Plan B: become gay. That’ll attract lots of female attention, just not the sexual kind.

P.S. – somewhere there’s a girl reading this and saying “Oh, you just need to be yourself!”
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