The blog’s title is derived from the idea that I’ve always felt as if I were hanging around on the edges of Life, not going in and participating. As in – I wouldn’t want to touch the Real World with a ten foot pole. (By the way, here is one explanation for the etymology of the term.)

But I can still write about it.

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A note regarding the Subtitle:

Lonely loners. I have never forgotten that phrase since I first read it on the website of a man called Terry Jones. I don’t know if he’s the originator of the phrase of whether he got it from somewhere else, such as the pscyhiatric literature on Avoidant Personality Disorder.

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A note regarding Comments:

Comments are moderated — which means that if you submit a comment, you might have to wait a while before it shows up. I try to check the blog for comments once a day, but I’m often busy (with work, etc), so please be patient.

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A note on my pseudonym:

When I began the blog I called myself “George Garner”, after the protagonist of Roy Fuller’s novel Second Curtain, because it was one of those books that stay with you after you’ve read them. George sort of reminded me of myself. However, nevertheless, despite that, etc, there are too many real people out there named George Garner, and I don’t wish to be confused with them.

So, now I’ll go with the pseudonym Inlone, which I like the sound of. It’s a combination of the words “involuntary loner”. You might’ve read about “incels” – men who are involuntarily celibate. That’s where I got the idea for the name Inlone. See, I could be described as a loner, but I don’t want to be; it’s such a shameful, ostracizing term. eah, I might be one – I hate how this sounds like I’m making excuses – but it’s not entirely by choice. I do wish I hadn’t wound up this way. I’ve always had a paralyzing shyness and took things too seriously, and became more and more withdrawn. Eventually I began trying to come out of my shell. But guess what – it’s not that easy.

Hence the word “involuntary”. I’m still stuck as a loner and I don’t like it. But change is  easier said than done.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here’s some KEYWORDS / TAGS for you. They tell you a bit about me, but even more about the blog’s themes. Also because I want more traffic!

(Listed Alphabetically)

Alpha Male
Avoidant Personality Disorder, AvPD
Beta Male
Love Shy
Nice Guy
Omega Male
Pick Up Artist, PUA
Sexual Marketplace, SMP
Social Anxiety
Virgin, Virginity

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Header photo is from Batman Begins.


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