Haven’t met enough people yet, have you?

  • I probably haven’t met enough people (there’s 7 billion of them out there) to conclude that I can’t get along with anyone or that no one would like me. Maybe I’m really not that bad a person.
  • Instead of predicting that I’ll be dull, incompetent, unlikeable, etc — how about I let others be the judge of that? (And they’re not really “judges” anyway!). Maybe, possibly, quite a few people already are willing to accept me, whether I change or not, and whether I do something to “earn” their acceptance or not. It’s possible that many people will feel friendly toward you regardless of how you perform.

2 thoughts on “Haven’t met enough people yet, have you?

  1. I’ve been meaning to leave a comment on your blog because I suffer from AvPD too. I love this post and will probably press it onto paper to remind me how to be. I’m seeing a therapist and she is really helping me, but there are always those awkward moments when I forget and slip back into the misery. Do you frequent any AvPD forums?

    • No, I really don’t. I used to, but there’s only so much time in a day, and there never seemed to be much practical help available on those forums, beyond realizing there are other people out there like you. As avoidant, I tend to be a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to therapy (maybe too much of one).

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