The Real You

A couple more of my old negative thoughts and beliefs, and responses to them….

Belief:  People wouldn’t like the real me. I don’t fit in with normal, social people.

Response #1:  Maybe it’s possible that some people already are willing to accept me, whether I change or not and whether I do something to “earn” their acceptance or not.

Response #2:  I might be able to handle a little more socializing than I realize. There might just be more safe and welcoming situations out there than you know of. You have the right to participate in activities that interest you and to decline those that don’t, without feeling weird or guilty…. If someone approaches you and talks to you, just accept it for what it is – maybe they’re interested in you, or maybe they’re bored, or maybe something else, some other reason of their own. It’s not unsafe, it’s normal.



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