13 Things People Think You Are Instead of SHY

13 things that people might think you are instead of shy:

  • Stuck up
  • Angry
  • Boring
  • Tired
  • Calm (!?)
  • Busy
  • Gay
  • In a hurry
  • That you don’t like them
  • Out of their league
  • Ultra-religious
  • Unathletic
  • A potential serial killer

Off the top of my head, these are the ones I’ve experienced. I’m sure you shy people have other things you could add.

Shyness is such a embarrassment for me that there have been times that I preferred being thought of as one of those things on the list (but not all!), instead of shy — so that other people’s misconceptions about me actually work as a defense* mechanism for me.

* That’s defence for you Brits, Aussies, etc, out there.


2 thoughts on “13 Things People Think You Are Instead of SHY

  1. I had a girlfriend like that…It took me forever to approach her cause I thought she was stuck up and then that she didn’t like me. But I like shy people, you have so many layers. It’s also fun to be that one person that a shy person trusts enough to open up fully. It’s like knowing a secret :)

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