More Rational Responses

~~ 1 ~~

Because I’m not as good at socializing and having fun as they are, I’m inferior and have less worth.

This is Emotional Reasoning (you feel inferior, therefore you are inferior?).

Lacking a skill, or a talent, or experience says nothing objective about your worth. Someone else being that way doesn’t make you worthless, or worthy, or inferior, or superior. By that standard, the only way you could avoid being worthless or inferior is to be the best at everything in the world.


~~ 2 ~~

I’m not entertaining or fun enough for anyone to want to spend time with me.

What if you don’t have to be the life of the party to be liked? There have been more people than I realize who indicated an interest in spending time with me. What if the real issue here is shyness, not whether you’re entertaining.

Fun is something you have, not something you are.


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